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Acute Hospitality is a New York City based food and beverage industry build-out and operations consulting company that specializes in restaurant openings, contract development and review, site selection/design, operations, management and staff training, and retention strategy.


We pride ourselves on understanding our client and have established an exemplary reputation based on originality, profitability, and continued trust with each of our clients.

At Acute Hospitality Consulting, we leverage our combined 45 years of experience and over 55 restaurant openings in the hospitality industry with our connections and insight to the betterment of your business. 





Our vision is clear: To help your business succeed.


Whether you have a brilliant concept you want to bring to the market, a small business you want to expand, or an established business that could use a fresh set of eyes, Acute Hospitality Consulting will help you realize your vision; detect, analyze, and correct issues; and direct you and your organization to realize the goals that your business is capable of achieving. 

We believe passion is important but savvy is essential.  We will assist you in your efforts to create, grow, and expand your business.  We strive for your success.




Depending on where you are in your process, we offer a variety of solutions for your business needs. Our services include:

  • Organization Development & Strategy

  • Operations Training & Implementation

  • Corporate Development & Strategic Planning

  • ​Concept Creation & Execution

  • ​F&B Finance

  • Menu Engineering & Cost Control

  • ​Sustainability​ Practice

  • Branding & Product Development

  • Staff & Management Training

  • Corporate Culture & Staff Retention

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